About Us

We cater to sophisticated travelers seeking the ultimate personalized African experience. With our deep love of Africa as well as 20 years hands-on experience, we are well equipped to help craft your African dream

Our team has explored the continent exhaustively to bring you the finest experiences Africa has to offer. Whether you are looking for safari, cultural or scenic encounters, we will delight in the challenge of meeting your needs. Whatever your interest, you can rest assured that we are always up to date with the newest properties and destination.

Our commitment to personal service extends to the ground and we have handpicked the best local tour operators and guides to ensure a consistently high level of service. Their commitment and passion, alongside ours, brings many of our guests back to Africa time and time again.

The fact that so many of our guests describe their African experience as life-altering is a huge tribute to this great and captivating continent – but also, we believe, to the dedicated service we provide. We invite you to join us on a journey of a lifetime to Africa…