North of Swakopmund, the desolate and haunting Skeleton Coast extends over sand dunes, mountain ranges and grassy plains - a remote area accessible only really by air. Visitors are taken on an educational journey exploring the wild and shipwrecked coastline, shifting sand dunes, stark rock formations and hidden river valleys, home to the desert rhino and elephant.

recommended adventure excursion
Wilderness Safaris offers a once-in-a-lifetime 4-day Skeleton Coast Adventure, departing and returning by air to Windhoek. The base is Skeleton Coast Camp, a small luxury tented camp on an island in a dry riverbed. This safari visits the beautiful and remote northern sector of the Skeleton Coast Park, ending just south of the Kunene River. 4x4 vehicle and walking excursions are conducted to the clay castles of the Hoarusib River, Rocky Point, the roaring dunes, lichen fields, seal colonies, Himba villages, shipwreck sites and secret water points that attract desert-adapted wildlife.